Romeo Fulgencia is a 14 year old Conduit who has the power to manipulate neon. He is one of the many Conduits locked up at Curdun Cay. He is the main RP Character of Dte37.

Personality Edit

Romeo seems very shy at times, but he is very friendly, but he seems to have trouble making friends. He is very sensitive and will cry in the saddest moments. Romeo has a warm heart and cares for everyone but himself.

Looks Edit

Romeo has short neon yellow hair, light brown eyes, and pale skin. He wears an orange beanie and a yellow t-shirt with neon orange paint splattered on it. He wears blue jeans and yellow tennis shoes with neon orange shoe laces.

Backstory Edit

Romeo comes from NYC and has the power to manipulate Neon. One day, at age 12, after his parents died in an incident, he fled with his twin sister to Seattle, where they ran into the D.U.P. Romeo then figured out he had Neon powers and exposed them to the D.U.P. The D.U.P killed his sister and locked him up in Curdun Cay. Years later, Romeo managed to escape and was on his own to survive in Seattle.

Auto-Biography Edit

Ugh, I hate being that kid that is always alone. That awkward kid, ya know? Well I'm him. I don't know how or where I got my powers, but I use them to my advantage.

Powers Edit

Abilities Edit

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